July 16, 2011

Giant Baby: The Homemade Demo

Filed under: Giant Baby — Doktor Heisenberg @ 6:07 pm

Hey guys, remember last week when we said we’d be providing a link for those of you who wanted to download Giant Baby’s song “Tesla’s Electric Ghost,” featured in Episode 16 of Breakfast With the Beak? Well, we’re gonna do you one better. Fifteen better, actually, because we’re giving away our whole damn demo album!

Recorded from December 2007 to April 2008, “The Homemade Demo” collects, for the very first time in one convenient downloadable album, the original fifteen Giant Baby masterpieces. Join Captain Fun, Charlie Slick, Doktor Heisenberg, and Johnny Goodtimes as they fight alongside ninjas to destroy Lizardmen and drink heavily with bears. Head on over to Bandcamp and download your free (for a limited time) copy today!