November 19, 2011

We are just networking the crap out of this thing.

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Do you like social networking websites? We don’t. They’re fucking annoying, and hearken back to the early days of the internet when everything was filtered through shit like the old AOL interface. But hey, if you happen to participate in such things, then why not follow Breakfast With the Beak’s official pages while you’re at it?

Breakfast With the Beak on Google+

Breakfast With the Beak on Facebook

We honestly don’t know if Google will ever succeed in killing Facebook, so we’ve got both covered. You can vote for which one sucks less by following us on your favorite. Or, hell, follow us on both if you’re also a dedicated fence-sitter. The site which gets the most followers wins absolutely nothing. Enjoy!

Oh, also, we actually do really like Twitter. Follow Johnny and the Dok by clicking the links directly to the right of this post. See? See it over there? Yeah.