December 7, 2015

Suddenly, Activity!

Filed under: Beak Affairs — Johnny @ 7:56 pm

Hi folks. On the off chance that any of our ten or so listeners still drop by to check on this site, what’s up?

Sure is a cryptic post just under this one, isn’t it?

Even more significant than that, it’s one I don’t remember writing. I mean, sure, maybe I wrote it years ago and scheduled it to post today, then forgot about it in the intervening time. That’s entirely possible. That even sounds like something I’d do.

It’s also possible we’ve fallen victim to the world’s most polite-yet-unsubtle hacker. If that’s the case, then dude. Word of advice. You don’t leave a calling card on the front page and then let it sit there for 90 minutes without doing anything else. That’s just poor form. You didn’t even change my password! Here I am, worried that I’ve been locked out of my site, but nope. Except for that one little post, nothing.

There’s also a fair chance that this was just some kind of WordPress maintenance, and I’m talking to nobody right now.

Well played, WordPress. Well played.